Cetron Retainer Cleansing Powder (15gm x 5 pkt)

SGD 25.00
SGD 29.00

Due to contact with food, drinks, pharmaceuticals and individual mouth environment, splints, orthodontic appliances, dentures and sports mouthguard may lead to deposits and changes in colour, taste and smell. With CETRON® you purchase a good cleansing agent with a fast-cleansing and long-lasting care effect. The inexpensive cleansing powder ensures long-wearing comfort and high patient compliance. You can easily clean and remove sediments from any kind of denture and orthodontic appliance as well as sports mouthguard, with the exception of prosthetic works made of polyamide, e.g. Valplast or Breflex. 

Easy application:

1. Dissolve the content of the bag in 150 ml of water. Rinse the appliance with fresh water and put it in the solution.

2. Leave the appliance for about 30 min. in the solution. Do not use solution for longer than 3 to 4 days.

3. Any remaining sediment can be removed with a toothbrush and fresh water.

Mild powder for long lasting care and cleansing of orthodontic plates, splints, dentures and sports mouth guards.

CETRON Cleaning and Care instructions

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